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Lido Marini Hotel Rome 

Your small and comfortable hotel in Lido Marini 

The Rome Hotel is located in Lido Marini in the heart of Salento, embraced by lush greenery of the regional natural park of Ugento and by the emerald marine nuances of the Ionian.

For your Holidays in Puglia Book one of our rooms in our Lido Marini hotels , a stone's throw from the crystal clear sea of ??South Salento, just 500 meters away!


Welcome to the hotel Rome, discover the Low Salento

If you dream of a Vacation in Salento near the sea you should know that it is not a whim but a psycho-physical necessity. The sea, in fact, represents one of the natural elements that, more than the others, contributes to the well-being of humans.

In this regard the beneficial effects that produces in our psyche and our body are renowned. Only to name a few, we could refer to the distension of our nerves through the visual presence of the sea or the soothing effects that produces on our skin, in conjunction with the presence of salt and its minerals.

So choose the Rome hotel in few steps from the long expanse of white sand and Fina, which will raise your concerns. The main advantage of staying in our Lido Marini hotels in Puglia is undoubtedly the opportunity to walk to some of the most beautiful bays in the whole area.

In addition to that, however, in a few minutes by car you can also visit the most renowned beaches in South Salento, such as the long beaches of Torre San Giovanni and the Maldives of Salento in Pescoluse!

Give yourself a relaxing stay in one of our comfortable rooms, start discovering this enchanted land and let yourself be conquered by the beauty of Puglia and the comfort of our Lido Marini hotel !

Rome hotel in Lido Marini, discover our rooms

Plan your holidays in a structure, such as a Lido Marini hotel or Torre Mozza , a stone's throw from the sea is an addictive experience, but it could be rather tiring away by way of the numerous listings on the Web.

In fact, in fact, in fact, there are increasingly numerous operators who sprout in the tourist market and this activity, once managed exclusively by travel agents, now is practicable from all. In the autonomous search of hotels in Lido Marini on the sea , however, you can come across the situations that are not very pleasant or completely missing.

How many times happened to you or your friends to have booked a accommodation that then, in reality, devouted deeply from what was explicited on the internet?

We at Hotel Roma , we work meticulously so that this does not happen. It is our care, in fact, just proportion to hotel solutions totally in line with the listings loaded on our portal and that they are, before each arrival, subjected to quality controls.

In detail, our Lido Marini Hotel Lecce is distinguished from the other hotels in the area due to its family and welcoming environment.

Very often, in fact, it can happen that choosing a hotel you find yourself living a fully standardized and mass experience, in accordance with what can happen in the Lido Marini villages Ugento .

This is where we operate with difference, our Lido Marini hotel , instead consists of only 10 rooms of two types: 2 triple rooms and 8 double bedrooms, spread over two levels. All are treated in detail, with a simple and functional furniture.

During your stay in Lido Marini in the Hotel Roma , you can also take advantage of: Air conditioning, minibar, satellite TV, Wi-Fi in public areas, equipped outdoor spaces and breakfast included.

If you are looking at Lido Marini Ugento of a hotel with an excellent value for money, contact us. Hotel Roma will guarantee you Holidays in Lido Marini Worthy of being remembered with a smile!