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logo Lido Marini Hotel Roma

Book a room in Lido Marini at the hotel

For a memorable holiday in Puglia, choose one of our rooms at Lido Marini in a hotel by the sea .

The Hotel Roma is located in Lido Marini , one of the sunny seaside resorts of Ugento, which is about 8 km away. Crystal clear sea and long beaches of soft white sand accompany the visitor during his summer stay, giving him a fairytale stay.

Why choose a comfortable hotel in Lido Marini

If you have a burning need to free your mind from daily stress and indulge in long days of sun and sea, you should consider booking a stay at Lido Marini in Hotel Rome .

Our structure has 10 rooms, of which 2 are triple and 8 double. Inside each room you will have the opportunity to take advantage of numerous comforts that will help make your stay even more enjoyable.

Regardless of whether you are traveling for pleasure or for work, you will find the following accessories in each room:

  • air conditioning
  • desk
  • wardrobe
  • minibar
  • toilet with shower
  • minibar


Furthermore, by choosing to spend your holidays in Lido marini in our hotel , you can take advantage of an outdoor space: an internal courtyard furnished with garden furniture. In addition, in the common areas you will find the wi-fi network, these facilities will help make your holidays even more pleasant.

By staying at Lido Marini in our hotel b & b then, you will have the maximum comfort, if you are looking for a tourist rental that allows you to feel truly on vacation. Without having the obligation to rearrange the accommodation or prepare your own meals!

Of course, there are no guidelines that apply to everyone in choosing the perfect accommodation for their holidays.

So, first of all, before booking an accommodation facility, stop and think locally about what your needs are and above all what your ideal rest is.

As already anticipated, therefore the stay in the hotel is congenial for those who want to allow themselves the luxury of completely disconnect from the daily routine. You will not have to think about anything, only to choose, day by day, which beach to reach Lido Marini .

If, therefore, you are more and more determined to spend your holidays in Lido Marini you will be able to enjoy the transparent sea that bathes the whole Ionian coast . From the marina of Ugento to the cove which is located a few steps from Hotel Roma, to the marine of Salve with the best known Maldives of Salento: wherever your desire for the sea transparent will be satisfied!

Furthermore, this whole coastal strip is embraced by dense vegetation and fragrant Mediterranean scrub. Let yourself be conquered by the scent of thyme, rosemary and sea fennel that dot the sweet sand dunes.

Or take advantage of the nearby Litorale di Ugento Regional Natural Park. Get lost under the numerous paths dominated by majestic pine trees and lined with marshes, the latter populated by water birds such as herons.

What constitutes the flagship of this environment rich in biodiversity, however, are the Posidonia oceanica meadows. This aquatic plant, endemic to the Mediterranean Sea, populates the Ugento seabed and protects the coast from erosion caused by the tides.

Do not delay any longer, book your next holidays in Salento to discover this strip of land full of magical beauty!