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Our B & B offers in Lido Marini

Are you considering the idea of ??staying in a B & B in Lido Marini near the sea? Visit our page to find out the best offers for Holidays in Salento RELAXATION AND SAVINGS BUILDING!

Why choose a B & B in Lido Marini

If you are about to plan your next holidays and would like to stay in a town from the crystal clear sea and surrounded by unspoiled nature, why not evaluate Lido Marini in Salento?

Lido Marini is an enchanting seaside destination of the municipality of Ugento and, every year, thanks to its long expanses of white sand wet by the Ionian Sea, it has a strong recall forever more visitors.

Now, perhaps, you think a Lido Marini vacation could be too expensive for your pockets or decidedly out of budget. This could be in part true, if you decide to rely on operators with a low availability of accommodation accommodation.

Our Hotel Roma , however, prepares 10 bedrooms to guarantee a successful stay in Puglia. Whether you choose the typical hotel formula, both decided to opt for the Bed and Breakfast formula, the total costs for your stay will be contained.

Choose a B & B in Lido Marini means finding yourself, with us at Hotel Roma, about 500 meters from the Maldivian bays. Furthermore, in the surrounding area, you will find all the main services and commercial activities within easy walking distance.

But what are the advantages in choosing a B & B? Choosing a B & B for your summer stay translates first of all the opportunity to fully experience culture and above all the local gastronomy. The absence of a kitchenette, in fact, will spurred to visit all nearby restaurants. So you can, every day, enjoy a typical different dish!

In addition, choosing to spend your Holidays in Puglia in our Rome hotel and B & B you will have the security of having chosen comfortable and quality accommodation.

In this regard, not only our ads on the web fully affected what you will find in person. Furthermore, each accommodation is subjected to check checks before each arrival just to ensure that your stay in Salento is pleasant and in line with your requests being reservation!

Our professional ethics, in fact, requires us not only the protection of our guests from all kinds of inconvenience, but also the possibility of applying rates that are well balanced with the qualitative status of our offer.

You can choose the type of room of B & B that privileges in our Lido Marini hotels . We provide our guests: 8 double rooms and 2 triples. You will find the right room for you, surely, if you are traveling with your best friend, your sweetheart or your children!

Furthermore, a further advantage deriving from the choice of our Bed & Breakfast Hotel Roma in Lido Marini is without a doubt the opportunity to reach the most suggestive beaches in Puglia in a few minutes drive.

Such as the nearby Marina of Pescoluse, with its Maldives of Salento, just 6 km away from Lido Marini Hotel and B & B Hotel Roma. And then again, 6 km north from our Hotel Roma are the infinite beaches of Fontanelle in Torre San Giovanni, where you will find all the most trendy settlements of the Basso Salento!

Our many years of experience in the tourism sector, in concert with the quality of our accommodation, therefore, contributes to the satisfaction of our guests.

We like to "pamper" those who choose to stay at the Rome hotel and for this reason we offer breakfast service and above all a further service, usually highly appreciated: beach service. In fact, for all those who book one of our rooms in Hotel Roma, an umbrella and two sunbeds will be matched at the "Saracino Beach" Lido!

Don`t lend you again, contact us to get an ad hoc quotation. You can write to us directly from our web portal or call us to the free number +39 3201404494 . We will be happy to help you plan your Holidays in Torre San Giovanni in the best way!